Sam Kogan, GEN3’s CEO, and Managing Director Howard Soriano presented an interactive workshop at IRI/Seattle 2015 entitled “Voice of the Product:  Finding New Sources of Customer Value“. Anyone wanting copies of the slide presentation accompanying that deck can contact Howard at

Heads Up! Ken Gabriel, Draper Lab CEO will be speaking at the IRI meeting in Cambridge, MA on May 12th.  Draper was a Google executive and a senior DARPA official.  Other attendees will include folks from: Draper Lab, Entegris, FM Global, Gen3, HP Hood, Monsanto, Sappi Fine Paper, Saudi Aramco, Schlumberger, Teknor Apex. When:  Tuesday, May 12; 4:00pm – 7:00pm (drinks and hors d’oeuvres will be served) Where:  Draper Lab; … Read More

If the 19th and 20th centuries were marked by industrial revolution and growth respectively, the 21st century seems to be the century of the information-based revolution. It’s not to say that physical things – TVs, cars, medicine, fertilizers, houses, toys, food and others – are going anywhere. But more and more, the “non-physical” things like social media, iCloud, internet, apps and Big Data are influencing our daily activities, VC investments … Read More

Could solely relying on your firm’s technical expertise be a barrier to achieving breakthrough innovation?  The answer is a resounding yes. A growing body of evidence shows that 1: cross-disciplinary knowledge is a driver of breakthrough innovation and that 2: an exclusive dependence on familiar expertise diminishes innovation impact. In a recent article in SUCCESS Magazine, popular innovation speaker Stephen Shapiro put it straightforwardly: “(…) the best breakthroughs are often … Read More

Google’s new technology – Google Glass – made a statement on the runway in New York during Fashion Week. But these futuristic looking glasses are much more than a trendy wardrobe ensemble. Google Glass is one of many products that deploys augmented reality1, a technology that displays information where and when it’s needed. And while the wonders of augmented reality are wooing both techies and everyday consumers alike, the real … Read More